Top 100 Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom: Regardless of any situation and age your Mom’s birthday would be the most special day of your life too. They are images of God on Earth to protect you and guide you the right way. If I would ask you, who is the most special person in your life or person whom you like the most. Most Random answer would be Mother because your mother is most special to you. These few Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom are our best picked Birthday Quotes just for Moms.

I hope you will find your best Happy Birthday Quote for Mom here. Send your mon a special Happy Birthday quote for Mom and show your love towards them. It was so handed for her and remember the tough situation your mother went for you. She sacrificed much happiness for you. I recommend you that leave everything and celebrate your mom’s Birthday on her Birth Day.

Latest Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

Dear Mom you are biggest Inspiration of my life and I salute all your efforts you make for me ‘ happy Birthday Dear Mom” This Birthday would would sprinkle lot’s of blessings and happiness on you.

Thnkyou for all you unconditional love and support for me . I love you so much and I respect you Infinty much ” Happy Birthday Dear lovely mom

Dear Mom Every year as you grow older your respect Increase for me ” Happy Birthday Dear cutest mom

Every year on your Birthday I award you with my little cute award of best mom” Happy Birthday Dear mom and You are best mom Ever God made

Every Year on your birthday I thank God your all precious love and supportive parents

If I need love and support O remember you dear mom. You have unlimited love for me and Sometimes I think that What Am I without you ” Happy Birthday Dear Mom.

Best Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

Dear Mom I don’t consider my friend too Important because I have a best Friend in my mom who always protect me and support me ” Happy Birthday Dear mom”

My dear lovely and Hardworking mom you are the person who must deserve a salute Every day because you always be like commando protecting us.

I Know that I cannot pay for what you did for me dear Mom but I can Definately do a small part in return. Happy Birthday Dear Mom. Bless with love and care

When I did anything great in my life there were your prayers that were supporting me. I am being so successful because your taught me dear Mom” Happy Birthday from your lovely One. May the day bring you new energy and joy of life

When I studied day and night you were there to help me and today if I am successful that is all because of you dear mom. Happy Birthday and may your good health goes on and you never face any wealth issues

Dear Mom I don’t have a large sum to spend on gifts but this is a small gift with so much love. it is really proud moment for me because the great lady who gave me birth was borm on this day.” Happy Birthday Dear Mom.

The lady who made always binded in a family us with love and support. Dear mom thank you 100much that you became my mom. Happy Birthday to you Mom


With these few lovely quotes make the most hardworking women in your life smile and stand tall. She must know that how much value she hold in your heart. Don’t let them be like a boring person at the end of her birthday. Make him look delighted to live his further life proudly.

(Your Mom and our wish ) with your great love and desire will definitely make him happy. So Don’t waste your time dear just go and make your mom’s birthday the most special day of her life.

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