100+ Happy Birthday My Love Wishes

Love is the most beautiful feeling and the best part of our love. Every one of us has a crush on someone whom we fell in love with afterward. The person whom you love is considered one of the most special people and for a special person, there must some special Birthday wishes. We have Happy Birthday my love Wishes for you in this Article.

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Make your loved one feel special on his birthday and let her know how much you care about her. I wish him with our Birthday Wishes and she will definitely be happy with you.

Best Wishes
( Happy Birthday my love )

You are my love you are my life and you are my last wish. On this special day Happy Birthday and may your day be so special and birthday night be full of Surprise Gifts.

You are a change to me and I always want this change to take place dear. Happy Birthday and May God give you lot’s of Joy and Happiness in your life

You have been there whenever I wanted your help . You are best love Partner one can have and thank’s of all your love and support. May god complete all your wish & you always keep Smiling.

Juice and bear,crush and love,love and fights all are Most important moments spend with you. Happy Birthday my dear lovely partner.

You are all my charm, you are my luck and you are my lovely Crush. Happy Birthday my to my angel, May the day be so special and turns to be best day of your life

You look beautiful every single day but today On the most special day of your life I want you to look Extra-ordinary dear ” Happy Birthday my love letter.

I consider you as best gift of god to me because I needed a friend like you and I got you. ” Happy Birthday wishes to my lover”

Your sweet voice can win hearts of boys and I am biggest lover of your sweet voice literally. ” Happy Birthday wishes to my lover.

My friends are jealous of me because I have such a cute and sweet hearten Partner and the most important thing is ( You my Dear love). Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my love.

Latest Wishes
(Happy Birthday my love)

Every single milli-second spend with you gives me the fell of heaven. I am Really Thankful that you make my life Extra Special Dear . Happy Birthday and May this Year bring good Happening’s in your life

This few years of our relationship made me Understand that you are only the best partner I can think of and I really love you ” Happy Birthday and Let’s celebrat eour love together”

This beautiful red rose for my beautiful love. I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and I will pray to God to tie us together in love and there be no problem’s in our love life

I could not find a cake sweet then you so I bought the sweetest one I fould I hope you like It.Happy Birthday and Let’s rock the cake

Your Photo on the cake makes it most special and your name on it make it priceless my Dear Love.” Happy Birthday and Happy Cake cut.

A long hug and small kiss is best gift I can give you dear. Happy Birthday and the let’s have litlle dear with a long cheer’s.

Lovely Wishes
( Happy Birthday my love )

Time cannot fade our lovely relationship and our looks will never decide our love for Each Other but our love will decide our looks ” Happy Birthday to my princess lovely doll.

There are a number of pretty girls out there but no-one can replace because you are only single piece god made Exclusively for me. Happy Birthday and Live long my Dear love.

Happy Birthday my Dear love . Your birthday must be so special that it becomes Iconic moment of your life. You will always remember this birthday and I wish you will always remember me.

These few Years with Kisses, hugs, chats, coffee, and late night talks were just best. I would definitely love to live these cute moments Again and Again and love your kisses too

On this yearly moment and most special day of your life I would love to have a Candle light dinner with you Dear. Firstly a very Happy Birthday to you dear.

Faces change we grew old but our love will never change my Dear love. Happy Birthday to your my Dear lovely partner

Finally the day appears for which I was staring for ” Happy Birthday my love . May the coming year bring you lot’s of happy days.

Happy Birthday my dear love and I hope the day will give you lot’s of love, care, surprises, cakes, and much more. The great lord protect you from all health Issues and you go on well in your life


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