Top 50 Ideal Happy Birthday Messages

Everyone Search for best and when it comes to happy birthday message then it becomes more important that you choose best. A Happy Birthday message can make your status or break your status. So be careful choosing one for your friend or family member. I suggest you choose one from our list of happy birthday messages and I am sure that you will have the best birthday message all over. It is very important that the birthday message you are choosing fits your birthday boy or Birthday Girl.

We have listed differently messages by categories for the different person so get it fast and choose your best happy birthday message from the list given below.

Latest Happy Birthday Messages

Howdy Dear I am really happy to see you grow dear. I am really happy it’s your birthday today and I hope the day will end with lot’s of happiness,joy and Gifts. Happy Birthday my Boy/Girl

Come on It’s your birthday and I want you to stop all your bad ass works from today. Let’s make milestones working hard. Happy-Happy Birthday and many big returns of the day

Today me will murder cakes my boy I was really waiting for the day. It’s time to wash you with cake ” Happy Birthday my birthday Baby and my baby is growing now

You have been so important in lives of Everone of us. We are really happy for you dear” Happy Birthday my great friend.

Outer looks are just for visibilty and Inner behaviour beauty is always permanent. You have been so good to other’s that evryone likes your nature. Today I am really happy Wishing you many many returms of your birthday “Happy Birthday Dear”

My dear friend is mature now I know you were really waiting for that It time for some beer my Dear. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY MATURE BOY

Best Happy Birthday Messages

This year went so fast that I did not notice my friend grew so big Sorry for that and a Very happy birthday to you

I have a list of dishes I want on your birthday because I like parties dishes. Happy Birthday Dear Friend and may this birthday bring you rain of happiness and gifts.

I am sad and I am also happy, Sad because one more year of your life is at End and happy because one more year went Happily. Happy Birthday to you and may the coming year be fantabulous

I am kind of a person who like Haning parties and I am sure your birthday would be a great day to hang out. Happy Birthday my lovely Friend

I love the way you react with us and I will always like the way you interact with others. I hope you will always get this respect back from other ” Happy Birthday Dear”

This preety gift for you my dear may this birthday be most special for my birthday boy. Happy Birthday and Enjoy the moment

I am eagerly waiting for candles to be liten and cake to be cut. This birthday will turn so special for you dear ” Happy Birthday Dear Friend and bro”

I need a lot’s od smiles on your face and I hope today you will float with smiles. Happy Birthday brother

I love you the way to live and behave with others. It is best time for me to Express my love. Happy Birthday and I love you baby


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