100 Award Winning Funny Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Funny Birthday Wishes: This is the latest Collection of funny Birthday Wishes to your friends and family members. Funny Birthday wishes can make a great Impact because it contains some noticeable words which make your family member’s and friends remember your Birthday Wish for a long long time. So it is best for you to choose some funny birthday wishes for your birthday baby.

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Best Funny Birthday Wishes

I am so sad you grew 1 Year old and I am so happy you became mature Dear ” Happy Birthday Dear and love you.

Happy Birthday Dear I am so happy for your birthday . Sad part is your birthday cake is looking better than you dear.

Happy to say that you are grown now but I am worried of your habbits. You behave like childrens somethimes !! Just Joking!! Happy Birthday Bro

Funny Birthday Wishes

I saw an handsome guy on your cake and I am sure it was not you but I think it you ” Happy Birthday Dear.

Happy Birthday Dear , Are you ready to cut the cake I am dam ready to rub it on your beautiful face.

It’s sad to hear that you are turning old because you wasted 25 years of your life without a Girl Friend. I hope you will have one this year ” Happy Birthday to you bro”

Happy Birthday Bro, I hope this year you will have a love partner because being single is boring whole year.

Happy Birthday Bro. You are so heavy and I hope this year you will loose your weight.

Happy Birthday Dear. It is time to eat all your favourate dishes because if ( Friends Name) Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes

One more year passes away and you are still lazy. I hope you will become active this year” Happy Birthday Bro and many many returns of the day.

One more year decreased from your life span but that does not mean you became wiser

Hey Bro it’s finally here. Today is your birthday and today I am going to break all my rules. Happy Happy Birthday my friend I hope this year will sprinkle happiness in your life

Latest Funny Birthday Wishes

I though we will hang out somewhere but you are busted at home. No ways happy Birthday and Let’s cheers at home only.

I want to give lot’s and lot’s of gifts to you. I have a list of great wishes and that is your birthday Gift. Happy Birthday may the great lord bless you, my friend

I have a bad habit of eating a lot and I am going to eat a lot at your birthday party ” Happy Birthday Dear may your birthday go Awesome.

You are only friend who dont spend on your birthday & this time I hope you will spend some money on cake and drinks. Happy Birthday and Enjoy the best day of your life.

I tried my best to find a perfect gift for you but in the end, I could only manage this. Happy Birthday, bro.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday firend Finally It’s your birthday today and I have a really good gift for you. I just want to remind you my birthday is also coming soon. Hoping a good gift from you

Happy Birthday bro. First birthday wish so I need first birthday treat.

I am pretty sure it is your birthday today ” Happy Birthday and may God give you a Girlfriend.

Today I feel to kiss you because I am so happy for you ” Happy Birthday dear and I want a party for sure.

I am so jelous for your birthday wishes and gifts. I am sure you will have lot’s of birthday gifts today. Happy Birthday and I hope all these wishes become true

You are 50 years old and its difficult to arrange 50 candes on your birthday cake. But I will try my best to arrange them all. Happy birthday my old friend

It doesn’t matter’s how big my wish was or how costly my gift is the only things matters is blessing” Happy birthday Dear


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