100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Birthday Wishes for Friend: Rear and Amazing things are so less on this Earth and so true friends are very less on this Earth. If you have a true friend than it is great for you. In this self-made world if you find a best friend then you are so lucky. Birthday is the only day of life which you celebrate with full joy and happiness. To make your friend’s Birthday Rememberable you must put in some Efforts and make them feel special. There are so many ways that you can make them feel special like Hosting a small party with Cakes and Sweets. You must wish him in a special way with some special Happy birthday wishes for Friend.


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  • Your presence was really important to me because life without a friend like you is just colorless. Today you have the most special day of your life and the first wish from your Special friend ” Happy Birthday my dear”
  • The Fights we had made our Friendship more strong and on this special occasion of your Birthday. I am really happy to wish you “Happy Birthday Dear Best Friend ” May you have a Long life.
  • May God give all my happiness to my best friend and He should live happily and healthy. Happy Birthday and may God give you all happiness in your Further life.
  • I don’t have a costly girl for you but the only gift I can give is my Prayer. May God give you what you deserve and always keep you happy.” Happy Birthday my dear”
  • Having you as my friend is great for me and I hope you may have a long life. ” Happy Birthday Dear and May God bless you.
  • Everyone has complaints but not when He/She has a friend like you. You are Best-Best Friend and Happy birthday and many many returns of the day.
  • Sun will rise again tomorrow and will set again but your birthday will not come tomorrow Let’s Celebrate today and Prey for your long life” Happy Birthday and lot’s of love


Birthday Wishes for friend
  • I Will always try to do my best that I can do for you “Happy Birthday and lot’s of returns of the day
  • There are many stars in the galaxy but some of them are noticed and I noticed you, my Friend. Happy Birthday with lots of Happiness.
  • A camera can’t capture our friendship but our hearts can and our happiness will always witness some great moments” Happy Birthday Dear Friend”
  • I am happy because you grew up and I am sad because one more year of your life went away but between my happiness and sadness I am really happy to wish you. ” Happy Happy birthday my dear friend and you may deserve all your dreams.
  • I care and I wish you may get all the happiness and you may achieve all your dreams. ” Happy Birthday dear “
  • My life was like a tung twister. I lose and I won but I won the most precious thing that I needed most and that is your friendship.

Lovely Happy Birthday wishes for friends

  • A beautiful cake in black stars night and our friends is just the best your birthday can have” Happy Birthday and Most most returns of the day
  • I am really happy to announce your birthday and may your birthday go wonderful” Happy Happy Birthday Dear”
  • Let us rock your birthday with songs and dance and make your birthday Extraordinary Firstly let us wish you ” Great great happy birthday my best friend”
  • I am really sad to announce to you like 1 year old but happy that It’s your birthday ” Happy Birthday.
  • Cute and Calm, Happy and sexy it’s my friend “Happy Birthday Dear and many many returns of the day
  • Let us all wish my friends a very very happy birthday and pray for his long life “Happy Birthday Dear ………. may god give you a long life

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Birthday Wishes for friend
  • Lets cheer’s up and celebrate your birthday till the 12 and make this day the best day of your life “Happy Birthday Dear”
  • keep quiet because it’s my friends birthday and pray for him for long life and happiness” Happy Birthday”
  • I am not rich like your other friends but I am rich to wish you and pray for you” Many- Many Returns of the day.
  • Firstly I would like to thank god for giving me you as a best friend and Happy birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday to my dear friend and Sorry if you felt bad about any of my actions. Many-Many returns of the day.
  • Some people have a special place in your life and my friends have” Happy Birthday Dear Best Friend.
  • I don’t have too many friends but I have you and I am very happy and I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • If the whole world will regret you I will be always there to help you because I am your Best Friend.” Very happy birthday to you Dear and may God give you Happy and Prosperous life.
  • Good Morning with a Sweet happy birthday message is just an awesome start of the day.
  • Your Long life was the only thing that I wished today ” A very very Happy Birthday my dear”
  • Your birthday is not soft than your heart and soul may god always help you and provide you health and Wealth.


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