100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

Birthday Wishes for Brother: There are several advantages and disadvantages to having a brother in your life. You must be having a brother who might fight with you but he will always care about you because he is your brother. If you have an Elder brother then he will protect you from dangers and Bad Habits. Some of us argue the advantages of having an Elder brother and count on Disadvantages. After some great collection of HappyBirthday wishes for mother and Happy birthday wishes for friends, we are back with Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother.

In this article, we will cover some Happy Birthday wishes for Small Brother and Happy Birthday Wishes for Big Brother. Do read our other article if you need Birthday Wishes for Mother and Friends



Happy Birthday to my best friend and my dear brother ” May God give you Happy and prosperous life”

I Have one of the best brothers in the world and today is the most special day for him.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO MAY YOU LIVE LONG”

Let’s have a party because it’s my bro birthday ” Happy Birthday and may God bless you “

I feel proud to have you as my birthday and you are the best brother I could have” Happy Birthday “

Birthday Wishes for brother

Happy Birthday to my dear champ my smarty bro and a lovely guy

I believe that you are the cutest bro on the Earth and You deserve a healthy and wealthy life. “Happy birthday bro”

The whole year we Eat together, we studied together, we played together and It was all awesome. The year went so fast and you grew 1 year old ” Happy Birthday and may the next year bring more happiness and joy”

Dear Bro Every moment Spend with you is precious because you make it precious for me but today I will make your day special starting with this cute wish ” Happy Birthday Dear Brother”

Dear Bro, you have been with me since Childhood and you are one of the most special people to me. I will always pray for you. Happy Birthday and live it with joy and Happiness.

Those Small fights made our Relationship more strong and Reliable. I can proudly say I have the best brother. Since it’s your birthday a very Happy Birthday to you, Dear.

When I needed help you were there when I needed love you were there. You helped me Everywhere and Today I can Just say You are so sweet ” Happy Birthday MY DEAR BROTHER”


Birthday Wishes for brother

Small brothers are Usually so cute and you always like to spend your free time with them. They are always dependent on their Elder brother for some works. If we talk about the best time of life It is obviously your Childhood. Those days are just Epic when you are free to do whatever you want. Below are some Cute Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother. These Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother are the latest in 2019.

Surely no one is cuter than my chotu bro and he is growing up ” Happy Birthday Chotu Brother may you have a healthy and wealthy future.

Those small hands soft skin and sweet talks make you the cutest one on the Earth ” Happy Birthday Bro “

When I was sad you made me happy when I was angry you made me laugh. You are best small bro on Earth ” Happy Birthday and May your life go on Happily

Find friends is rare, finding a brother is difficult but having a brother who is a true friend is Amazing” Happy birthday my dear Brother”

I was so happy when I got you as my brother and today finally you are growing up healthy which is best for me ” Happy Birthday Dear Chotu Brother”

When I remember those naughty moments we did together and neighbors Complained against us, I really Enjoy remembering those moments and today you have the most special day of your life ” Happy Birthday my little champ “


Birthday Wishes for brother

I believe that your big Brother must be your Inspiration and you always try to be like your Elder Brother. Here comes some Responsibility as a small brother that you need to wish your Elder Brother with some Happy birthday wishes for brother.

God gave me a brother than he made him my friend and now he is my guide ” Happy Birthday Brother and May you live healthy and Wealthy.

Tomorrow is your birthday finally you are 18 and its time for a double party ” Happy Birthday and Many Many Returns of the day.

I saw your growing up as I grew up and Followed you, You were the best Inspiration for me ” Happy Birthday Bro ”

Kings are born in March and my brother is also born in March ” Happy Birthday my king May God Give you good health and wealth”

Dear Big Brother, you have been my charm for the last few years and It’s my Charms Birthday. Happy Birthday my Charm and may God give you a long life.

Dear Brother, I can’t think of my life without you as you are always there for helping me. You are Really Important part of my Life May god keep you Healthy and you may grow wealthy” Happy Birthday Dear”


Some of us consider our brothers really Important part of our life and some of us hate our Brother. The Most Important thing is whether you fight or love Each other you are sons of the same mother. You have the same genes which you got from your parents.

Never hate your Brother and always love them because they really care for you. Spread love and always think positive

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