# 75 Best Friendship Status for Facebook and WhatsApp

Friendship Status: As we know that friends are second love to us so deserve some special status about friendship. If you have trouble in your life just share with your friend. He will definitely have a solution to your problem. Expressing your love towards your friends through some Interesting cute friendship status on social media platform is really easy and effective. We will help you with some Funny Friendship status and status on friendship that you can use.

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Friendship Status

Best Friendship Status in English

1. If I am given a blessing I would ask a very good friend

2. Best friends have the same choice and they hate stuff what you dont like. Friends are like copy of yours

3. PUBG and friends are only true love for me and they always have a satisfactory place in my life.

cute friendship status

4. Friends call me bad boy still I am too good for them and outsiders call me good boy and still hate me lot

5. Friends who are not rich turn to be true because they just need your friendship and support

friendship status in english

6. A true friend leaves his best day for your worst day and he minds you

7. The only suggestion to you ” Friendship is 1000 time trustable compared to love

8. Those who leave true friends for gf are big loosers and those who leave gf for best friends are big successors

9. Friendship should not be judged on time of friendship but it must be judged about trust factor

10. They only caring and daring relationship is friendship. Having true friends is like a boon

11. Fake friends remain away because I hate Mosquitos and fake friends near me

12. The only person who can completely change your state of mind an behavior is your best Friend

13. Your secrets are basic to your best friends

14. Troble recalls true friend and money recalls girlfriend

15. You can only share bad time with a good friend and still, he will hold your hand and walk with you

16. If you have 100…. Bad habits. A true friend can only completely change you and bring it to 0

17. Cheap outfits and expensive hearts are carried by best friends and they can leave everthing that can heart you

18. Friend’s don’t satisfy you in the wrong ways but judge you in the right way

19. A true friend never share their bad times with you but share your bad time with them

20. A rumor can’t change true friend to fake friend because he know’s who you are and what you can do

21. Want to spend free time !!!! Your mind will Always remind you of a friend to spend time with

22. Friends are true mates because they have grown up with you. They better know you and they can better handle you

23. Always try to have a single friend but he must stand with you and should fight with 1000 for you

24. Only a few friends are unique because few of them are a cheater

25. 1000 fake friends will not give you single happiness but a single true friend will give you Millions of happy moments

26. If you leave a good friend for many bad friends it’s your worst deal and you are in lose

27. A true friend will never cheat you because he will always support till last moment

28. If you are in deep trouble, Right person to take help is your best friends

29. A true friends will help you ignoring time and weather

30. Friends can give their life for you and take other’s life for you

31. Most often the real person after your success is your friend because he was with you when you are learning

32. Never leave a good friend because leaving a good friend means leaving your second parent’s

33. Never judge a friend on his richness judge him on his behavior

34. Always miss your school because there you had so many good friends

35. Mobile is useless without a sim card and life is usless without true friends and friendship. Dear friends always carry best friends who can Do or Die for you

36. True friend carry you and fake friends drop you after use

37. Love and friendship dont need money they just need trust factor and trust factor is most precious in friendship.

38. True friend will never hide your mistakes but always help you come over them and be better human being

39. Friendship carries a special quotes ” Tu chill kar bro tera bhai jinda hai ” Love your dear friends

40. True friend can only share his ass talks and his gf talks with you because he knows very well about you

41. True Friendship always matches hearts and fake friendship always matches money

42. I am not so rich and still I am so proud on myself because I hold friends and they make me so rich and proud

43. Ancistors said that valuable thing are less in number and os does good friends are so less in number

44. Care and rare are two different word but I can relate them in my life ” Rare friends having caring nature ”

45. I find all my bad habbits in my friends too and that is why I call they my true friends.

46. I believe I can do a task that my friends does because we are co close to each other

47. I dont carry only caring friends because my gf cares me a lot. I carry daring friends who can do anything for me

48. I am your big fan because you are my best friend and you are really best

45. life is like a train where fake friends comes likes stations and go away and true friend is like a train box who carry us whole way.

46. You dont have to be so caring to be my friend just have my part and wait for it because I dont judge some one on caring

47. The better the friend less the heacahe and less the work becase he is always before you to do work.

48. Small pieces of stone make big buildings and good friends make a great group so always have good friends.

49. Few Roses make a beautiful buckets and few good friends are always like roses they make a great photo out.

50. Dear friends you helped me pass in exams and I am so gratful to you.

51. Some friends are like brothers who know all your problems and who have solution of life problems

52. Kuch dost hmesha sath rehte hai or kuch ko jana padta hai par jo sacha dost hota hai call jarur karta hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌

53, Homework to mai Girlfriend se bhi karva leta huu koi khana bnane wala dost mile to mza aae😎😎😎😎😎

54. Girlfriend boli breakup karna hai to mera dost bola bhai pehle tu us se breakup kar, Maine bola bhai hum dil jodte hai todne ka kam unka hai

56. Life is like a book, friends makes notes and make it remeberable. Friends are special page that must be read on daily bases

57. When whole world walked out in need a true friend came in and helped me.

58. Best friends make your worst time comfortable and help us around in all conditions

59. if you want your life to be clean then you must carry a good friend with whom you can share all problems

60. Friends who help in need are called good friends and friends who understand your needs are called best friends.

61. Make your friendship your strongest point and I am sure you gonna win every battle in your life.

62 Happiest part of our life is the time we spend with our friends and it is most valueable one.

63. Friends change when stages of life change but having a single friend in every stage of life make him your best friend

64. A person who can sacrife anything in this world is your best frinend and I Mean it.

65. There are no choices in friendship you must be straigh and forward

66. Those who make friends every day changes them every day.

67. When you feel lonely without someone means he is your bestie

68. Some souls understand each other in silence and they are called friends

69. There seems no difference between Good friend and best friend but there is a lots of difference and only few can undestand that.

70. Friends are colours on our white and plane life, Without them life is black and white.

71. Friends are like a cake which bring happiness and joy in our boring year

72. Friends are first to wish you on your birthday and they have highest numbe of wishes.

73. Counting years of my life and number of true friends and my friends are more than number of years in my life

74. I Dont have a real brother and my friends dont me realize that. My friends are more than a real brother to me.

75. I am living on the edge of my life and all that i have are my dear friends.

Quantity dont matters a lot of diffrence and so quality does. So I have quality friends in my friend list. Yaar mere sabse faad and I love you mere yarr

Friends are really important to you because they are with you in every good and bad situation so I suggest you to upload just one status on Best Friendship status. Whenever you have some problem, your mind will give you a signal to take help of your friends and when your problem is solved thank him with small friendship WhatsApp status.

Friendship status

friendship status in Hindi Funny friendship status

Friendship Status

Status on Friendship friendship quotes for whatsapp status

Friendship status in Hindi

funny friendship status friendship day status

Friendship status in Hindi

friendship WhatsApp status happy friendship day status

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Friends are the second parents to us and teach us to remain away from bad habits and bad people. We all use FB so I hope you can do small favor by sending your friend a friendship status for Fb or you can send him a friendship day status.

Have few friends but they must be true friends and most importantly they remain with you in both good and bad times. The most important thing is how much they secure you and how much you care them by sending friendship quotes for WhatsApp status


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