#100 Best Alone Status for Facebook and Whatsapp

Alone Status: जिंदगी मै कई बार हम अकेले पड़ जाते है और हमे सँभालने वाला कोई नहीं होता है. जब हम अकेले होते है तो हम अपना अकेलापन दिखने के लिए Facebook या WhatsApp पर स्टेटस अपलोड करते है. हम अपना अकेलापन दुनिया का साथ शेयर करते है और कुछSad Status उपलोड करते है. Read our latest alone status collection from happy birthday times.

Alone Status: हम जब कई बार अकेला महसूस करते है किसी से लड़ाई होने का बड्ड तो हमे कुछ Alone Status in English और Alone Status in Hindi पढ़ने का मनन करता है. कई बार हमारे सामने बहुत सी अलग Categories भी आती है जैसा Feeling Alone Status, Alone Whatsapp Status & Feeling Alone Status in English जैसे बहोत से अलग अलग टाइप का स्टेटस आते है. हम आपको हमारी आर्टिकल मे सभी टाइप का Alone Status देंगे

After a list of the great article’s on Love status, attitude status and some other amazing status we are back with alone status. Feeling Lonely or missing someone in your life. Someone when we fight with our loved ones or your Parent’s or your Girl Friend especially we really feel alone.

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Alone Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

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Alone status

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I am really Dumb, I am really mad that I left you. Your are like a candle in my life Please Come back I am Living in darkness

Remembering those old days which explain our great love

Being alone is like being dead and I am really feeling dead

To Walk alone is like living alone in a big city. Making habit of being alone without you

Tired of being with someone and starting a lonely life

Practising to live in a lonely space because it will matter a lot in life ahead

Feeling in love is backend of feeling lonely. Stay away from love and have fun

I will learn survival tactics because it time to live alone

Millions of people on Earth and I am still trying to leave alone

People who said that they will be always with me are most far to me

I am not scared to live alone. Those sweet memories strike memories in mind

Few Days of lonelyness teaches you life experinces to live together

Hard part of life is to be cover alone. Difficult times makes diffrence between true and showoof friends

Being Alone is like living in the world of dums and they all can speak but they will not. The most basic reason is they are angry from you.

Even though I was born alone. I am habitual to friends and family, Please don’t let me out

Alone don’t mean to be without a human being,s near you. It means you are that you are not able to group with other’s

Every single second that I spend without you remember me about our cute and lovely moment’s

A single mistake can make you lie down from people you love.

Just a few days Alone make us understand the value of friends and Family

Remembering those cute moments I lived with friends and family always make me weak.

Most Foolish thing is caring all about nothing

I prefer being alone then living with friends who always make me fool

Those few days of loneliness make you even strong and hardworking

Champions work hard and leave alone because they dont share their pain they feel their pain and hardwork

I know that most of you dont care about me but let me know how cares

Being so happy in sadness is true sign of alone person

Those fake smile and real faces behind real smile motivates me to live alone and work Even harder.

Alone but Happy Whatsapp Status

Your Smile that served me as medicine is missing my world

We were a body with two souls. If the soul will leave the body then it’s time for death

Really thank you for breaking my heart because Now I am really successful because of you.

The population of Billions and still feeling alone without a single person

Timelapse are most beautiful videos because they show the loneliness of world.

Remembering some greats moments in life with you is just a few second’s of please because you are missing

The smile on my face is for the outer world

Working hard because this whole world washed from me but I am still live

I am not Invisible but I am Unavailable

Can’t pick up phone !!!! Going to heaven for a vacation break

You creepy people I am still alive and will be back soon!!!

It would be my pleasure for me to leave the world because no one care for me here

I am Calculating day I have been Off-world

I beileve in patience and never regret to be alone and enjoy the time lapse.

Being single dont introduce me that I am single and no one cares about me rather It shows that I can fight alone.

I always support right things and right person even I am standing alone to support him.

Life will throw diffrent situations in you path and you are alone enough to face them. Always believe you are Alone but Enough

I dont have problem with people around me rather I need a free space and I find It alone

When you sit near a quite lake your mind will automatically start working fast beacuse you are alone. No one can disturb you there

If you think that being alone is my habbit then you dont understand what it means to be alone

I am on an Alone Leave and I hope no one minds it

Being alone is not good but its satisfactory. It lets you think well and decide well at last

Other have more problem when I am alone because they cannot stop themselfs seeing me and thinking about me

I dont feel lonely when I am alone but I feel Lonely when I have a selfish croud around me

Croud among you wont let you grouped but true friends does it. So I prefer being alone rather then living among some fools

I dont stick to lonely people but I always speak and share with them

Most relaxed phase of life is being so lonely among yourself

It is so hard to live alone without a good friend but It develop a great habit of being hardwoking

There is a person who lives alone & hide his pain but that pain makes him hardworking and silent gentleman.

Rich personalities worked hard alone and make our country proud

An IAS student always prefer to live alone and they are considered as highest officers in a country.

Few great words to yourself and few alone day to yourself can make you or break you. Always remember that sometimes silence and loneliness wins wars

Alone Status Images for Whatsapp and Facebook

Alone status

Status for feeling alone

Alone status

Being alone status

Alone status

Alone boy status

Alone status

Leave me alone status

Alone status

Alone but happy status for WhatsApp

Alone Status

Sad alone status in Hindi

Alone Status

Alone Status for WhatsApp in Hindi

Alone Status


कभी न कभी जिंदगी में हम सभी अकेले( Alone ) पड़े होंगे और हमें कोई सँभालने वाला नहीं होता. उस टाइम हमें सबसे ज्यादा Alone but happy Status बहुत या Feeling Alone Status In English भी काम आ सकता है. हम तो आपकी मदत करने के लिए कुछ Alone Status लिख सकते है. इस से ज्यादा हम कुछ नहीं कर सकते. Happybirthdaytimes.com is working really hard to provide you best content and we hope you like our content and if your does then please comment below


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